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Peters Profile

Peters Elementary is located within the city limits of Tulsa’s neighbor, Broken Arrow. Housing additions that feed into the school include Brick Town, Quail Run, Turtle Creek, Stone Mill, Horseshoe Acres, Stonecrest Apts., Washington Park and the majority of Country Aire. Currently, school enrollment totals about 450.

Peters serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Tom W. Peters Elementary was named in May 1978 after the founder of Oklahoma Greenhouses. Mr. Peters served on the Union Board of Education for 16 years and was credited for his efforts to establish cafeterias in all Union Schools. 

Peters teacher, sitting at her desk, and a student, standing, smile at the camera

Welcome to Peters Elementary!

Highly Qualified Staff

Our staff consists of numerous certified teachers and several outstanding support employees. All teachers are highly qualified in the areas they teach and believe in quality learning for all students. Therefore, they attend many professional development workshops to learn how to identify the diverse needs of students and learn research based teaching strategies that will ensure that each student progresses to their highest potential.

The teachers at Peters are also members of a professional learning community. They meet each Friday before school to engage in professional conversations that are focused on student achievement.

Time is spent during embedded collaboration to identify grade level essential skills, develop SMART goals and common assessments, analyze student data and discuss best teaching practices. 


Peters’ Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports the mission of the national PTA and dedicates its organization to improving the education and well-being of students and teachers.

Peters Panthers School Song 

For every Peters kid is quite a treat 
We rate 100 points from head to feet 
We've got that smile, that style, that winning way 
And everywhere we go they take a look and proudly say Now, there's a kid I'd like to know 
They've got that good old Peters pep and go 
Just take one look at us, we're quite a treat 
It's hard to beat a Peters Panther! Hey! 


Tracy Weese 


Tracy Weese was named principal at Peters Elementary School in 2017. She previously served as principal for five years at Briarglen Elementary School and as an administrative intern for 1 year at Rosa Parks Elementary School. She earned her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Oklahoma State University in 1995 and her master’s degree in education administration from the University of Oklahoma in 2010.

Weese has worked in the education field for more than 20 years.  She was as a classroom teacher for 14 years and has taught 3-year-olds, second, third and fifth grades. Weese is married with two children who attend Oklahoma State University.  

In addition to her teaching career, she was a board member of the Northeastern Division March of Dimes for 10 years and has worked on a multitude of committees during her tenure as a teacher. Weese is excited to continue to be a part of the administrative team at Peters Elementary.

A Peters graduate sits with Principal Trace Weese in her office.

Each spring, seniors - like the own shown here sitting with Principal Tracy Weese - return for reunion celebrations as part of the district's Senior Walk.

Peters In Photos

Peters kids dance during a PTA event
Peters kids dance during a PTA event
Peters girl sits at desk
View of the Peters Elementary building
Peters boys working o project at their desk
Peters students as teacher writes on board
View of the Peters Elementary school building
Peters students throw the U
Peters teacher and a student
Peters student throw balls at gym teacher
Peters receptionist with student
View of Peters Elementary building